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Sunday 28th February 2021

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On This Day in History

28 February

1784 - John Wesley charters the Methodist Church.

1790 - John Irving becomes the first convict to be freed in the New South Wales colony.

1915 - During World War One, after the French try to drive the Germans forces back into the Champagne region, they gain a few hundred yards, but at the cost of 50,000 casualties.

1925 - Dimboola-born physicist, Richard Dalitz (below), is born. Known for his work in particle physics, he introduced the technique of the ‘Dalitz Plot’ in 1953 whilst working in England. (Science Photo Library photo)

1929 - Wing Commander Cole, RAAF Point Cook, inspected the Nhill Aerodrome to ascertain its suitability for simultaneous landings of squadrons of training aircraft.

1944 - Nazi soldiers arrest Dutch Christian Corrie ten Boom and her family for harbouring Jews.

1983 - The final TV episode of ‘M*A*S*H’ airs with a record 125 million viewers in the US alone.

1986 - Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, is assassinated.

1991 - United Nations troops move into Kuwait City and Saddam Hussein orders troops out of Kuwait; Iraqi soldiers ignite Kuwaiti oil fields during their retreat.

1993 - Victorian road rules were changed for cars turning left at intersections to have the right of way before those making a right-hand turn, bringing the Victorian road laws in line with other Australian states.

2013 - Pope Benedict XVI resigns from the position of Pope of the Catholic Church, becoming the first pope to resign since 1415.

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