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Thursday 27th January 2022

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On This Day in History

Wednesday 27th January

1606 - Guy Fawkes is convicted of attempting to blow up the English Parliament.

1756 - Austrian Classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is born.

1802 - Matthew Flinders in his ship, the 'Investigator', reached the head of what he named the Great Australian Bight on the South Australian coast.

1919 - The 1918-1919 influenza pandemic reaches New South Wales.

1920 - Dimboola Council has been notified by the Postal Department that the work of undergrounding the telephone

wires had been commenced in Dimboola township. Cables from the Post Office along Wimmera Street to the east side of the railway line, and along Lloyd Street to Lochiel Street were to be placed underground.

1921 - Australian Victoria Cross recipient Maurice Vincent Buckley passed away. Buckley had enlisted under the name Gerald Sexton in May 1916 and it was not until after he had been awarded a VC for his actions on the Western Front in Belgium in September 1918 that he revealed his true identity.

1967 - Three astronauts are killed when a fire destroys the Apollo 1 spacecraft during a training exercise.

1967 - The Outer Space Treaty is opened for signatures in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union.

1969 - The first Grand Slam tennis tournament for the year became known as the Australian Open for the first time. Prior to this, it was known as the Australasian Championships between 1905 and 1926 and the Australian Championships from 1927 to 1968.

1979 - Former New Zealand cricket captain, Daniel Vettori, is born.

1984 - Michael Jackson’s hair catches fire during filming for a Pepsi commercial.

2018 - Eleven sailplanes were fighting it out in the sky over the Wimmera in the 9th World Sailplane Grand Prix. Based at the Horsham Aerodrome for the week, the competition involved seven races, subject to suitable weather conditions, of up to 400 kilometres round trip each. Points were awarded to the first nine pilots to finish each race, with the one to accrue the most points over the week winning the title.

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